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Hubba-Hubba: A Modesty Story

Is anyone tired of hearing about modesty? No? OK then! I have a short story to share for this installment of Modesty Monday. It’s a true story, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent :) “Sarah!” my friend Michelle exclaimed. “I am so excited to show you what I found on clearance at Target today! I got a ton of cute dresses

Is it Monday Again?!

Mondays this Summer, we’re sharing tips and tricks of the trade to keep you dressing modestly while staying trendy and cute!Start here: Jeggings are Pants (and other Common Misconceptions)Or here: Modesty Archives

Modesty Monday is Here Again…

Happy Modesty Monday! Here I am again, reminding everyone to give some thought to what they are wearing! I warned you all I’d be back to talk about this every single Monday this Summer, right? Well, here’s my tip for the day: Pull your shirt up. I know it totally depends on how you are built. I just so happen to be small in the shoulder