Lego Star Wars Party: Free Printables, Games, Menu Ideas

Lego Star Wars was a fun theme to do for my son’s 5th birthday party!
Here are all the ideas I pulled together, including the free printable party pack I created. *This printable file includes duplicates of each page, one intended for printing in black and white on yellow paper or card stock (the ink friendly version), and one intended for printing in color on white paper.


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  • Light Sabers: Pretzel rods dipped in colored white chocolate
  • Princess Lays: Chips
  • Thermal Detonators: Cheese puffs or malted milk balls
  • Obi-Wan Kabab-ies: Fruit kababs (could also be grilled chicken and veggies, etc)
  • Yoda Soda: Lime sherbet and Sprite or 7-Up
  • Vader-Ade: Red kool-ade or fruit punch
  • Wookie-Cookies: Any type of cookie
  • Hans-Rolos: Rolo candies
  • Han Burgers: Hamburgers
  • Hutt Dogs: Hot dogs
  • Bow-Ba Fett Pasta: Bow tie pasta salad (I threw mine together with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, green peppers, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes)
  • Ewok Treats: Animal crackers
  • Leia’s Bunns: Cinnamon rolls
  • Giant Ice Cream Sundae: Instead of a cake, we did ice cream! Find out how we did it HERE


  • Lego Head Jars Filled with Lego Candy: I created these fun treat holders out of old baby food jars. Find the tutorial HERE
  • Light Sabers: Made out of pool noodles! 


  • Lego Face Plates: Find the tutorial HERE
  • Banner, Food Signs and Other Printables: Find everything you need in my FREE Printable Pack!!
  • Light Saber Napkins: Find the tutorial HERE
  • Lego Constructed Utensil Containers, Food Bowls, and Numbers
  • Store Bought Star Wars Party Accessories: Find them at Party City


  • Attack the Clone Army: We gave each guest a foam light saber, then basically let them loose on a field of white balloons! Hint: don’t steak your balloons out to early. Most of ours popped on the grass before the kids had a chance to attack. If you have a willing individual, have someone dress as Darth Vader or another member of the Imperial guard to head up the Clone army.
  • Pin the Lego Part onto the Lego Man: Included in my printable pack are the parts to a Lego man. Hang them on the wall and print out extra pieces for the arms or head. Cover kid’s eyes with blindfolds and let them pin pieces on to the correct spot.
  • Unfreeze Han Solo: Freeze a plastic Han Solo action figure in a tub of ice, give each guest a dollar store squirt gun and let them race against the clock to unfreeze Han from “Carbonite”
  • Go HERE for my complete post of party games

The birthday boy had a great time!!

Find more ideas on my Lego Party Pinterest Board

…and my Star Wars Party Pinterest Board


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  1. says

    OMG This is AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you!. My three boys have chosen a lego star wars birthday party theme for their party in October. I’m searching for any and all ideas! Thank you so much!

  2. says

    I love this post. I can’t wait to use your printables at my son’s party. One question – how do you use the blank labels? I found some Star Wars fonts online, but I’m not sure how to make that work. Do you think the best thing is to print out the blank labels and just glue the text with the font on top? I really want to make one that says vader’s veggies. :)

    • says

      Michelle, I’m so glad these were helpful! My idea behind the blank ones was precisely for people like you that had other creative food ideas! – LOVE the Vader’s Veggies idea :) My thought was just to print them out and use a yellow marker to replicate a Star Wars font. The font I used is called “Star Jedi” but I’m all for simple, so I’d just free hand it.

  3. Ashley says

    Thank you so much. This is going to be soooo helpful. I can’t thank you enough for making these printables free. :)

  4. Michelle says

    I love the Starwars lego party. I’m doing a party for my son this weekend and love some of your ideas.
    Also, I love the food labels. I’m having trouble accessing the printables from the archive.
    Can you send me link? Thank you!

  5. Jennifer Cornwall says

    I was trying to find the labels for the star wars party and couldn’t find the archives once I subscribed. My son’s party is tomorrow and I have search all over the internet to find these. Any help would be awesome and much appreciated!

  6. says

    I am throwing a Star Wars Day themed potluck for Work, could I please have the link to print out the Food Labels. Thank you so much and great job on those.


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