DIY {Soda Pop Tab} Bracelet

Repurposing pop can tabs and turning them into a bracelet is a great idea for summer.  You do have to plan ahead a little to collect the tabs, but after that it’s a breeze to construct. The only other supply you need is the stretchy stuff used to make bracelets. My daughter loves to bead, so we already had some on hand.

The construction is very simple. Take your stretchy string and create a X pattern connecting the two soda tabs together.  When you get to the end tie a knot. Then add the next color and when you create the X also have it go through the first set of tabs.

If you want to customize your color, I recommend getting a can of spray paint. Paint one side. Let it dry, then flip it over and paint the other side.
You will notice that I have alternated Soda versus Pop to remain neutral in the Soda Pop Debate :)


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    Super clever and cute project. Great idea to add some color with spray paint. ;o)

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