Top 50 Ways to Countdown to Disney


Disney on the brain? Whether you are taking your kids to Disney World for the first time or you have been several, something magical happens as you get closer to Disney Departure Day!  Here are really cute ways to Count Down to Disney.  Let’s start with Mickey Chain Count Down Thanks, has this very cute idea. Make a banner with two layers, the top has numbers and then every day your little ones flip it to expose Mickey.
On Etsy Here Nice use of suction cups :)
You could add anything Disney to this you wanted. Get Creative or use the tutorial. Thanks,!
Subway Art! What could be easier? Thanks Confessionsofaprojectaholic!
Flip and Color free printable from
Clothes Pins!! What a great idea thewholekitandkaboodle.
Found these three on Pinterest, but couldn’t find an originator.  If you can, let me know and I’ll cite them!
These sticks have an activity every other day for your kids to enjoy!
Another cute activity idea. My Little Gems!
Write an activity that you would normally do and incorporate a Disney theme.  “Clean the Magic Mirror” or Make Mickey Mouse Pancakes
Maybe Missy will make this for you? That would be the easiest countdown!!
Yes, I do think Mary Poppins would be proud, Disney Diva :) Your sidewalk chalk countdown may not be as elaborate, but it can be just as fun!!
A Creative Princess we all aspired to be!! Terri, took a $.50 item from a garage sale and transformed it! That will be her least expensive Disney purchase :)
I agree, with  WDWHints having a countdown does increase the fun!!
Twopeasinabucket has a simply creative way to count the days.
Spray paint styrofoam, cut construction paper, glue them to craft sticks. Write the number of days left on each star.
Get your fridge involved!! Thanks, Moldingmindshomeschool.blogspot
Make it so easy, no one can get confused!!
If you have fancy scrapbooking tools, here is a very professional looking twist! Cool Beans
Use the KISS principle and use contact paper and a dry erase marker!!
Here’s one for you Disney Cruisers!!

Count Down with their favorite character. The Rookie Wife chose Nemo.


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