American Girl Doll PJ’s {FREE} Pattern

This is a very basic pajama pattern for the intermediate level sewer.  These pajamas will look super cute on your American Girl Doll or 18″ Doll. You will need basic sewing skills and a good grasp of how a pattern goes together and where to sew, etc.


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This is the pattern printed out and taped together. When parts A and B are taped together it forms ONE pant leg. You will need two of these. The slope and curvature of the front and back is different. This is on purpose because the back and front of your doll are different sizes! The curvature of the neck on the top front is different from the back of top because it is meant to be lower than the back.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for this darling pattern! Could you explain how to print the PDF pattern pieces so that they are actual size and not thumbnails? My printer recognizes them as pictures and prints a 1×1.5″ thumbnail only. They open in Google Documents, is that the way you uploaded them? Thanks for any suggestions! I would love to make a pair for my granddaughter’s dolls.

    • says

      Jerry, thank you for commenting! I am sorry you are having difficulties :( Yes, it should open in google docs and you should be able to print from there. My only suggestion is to try downloading it first? Go to file and select download, maybe that way it will open correctly on your computer. It should be a full 8 1/2″ x 11″ page pattern. I am assuming you have an Adobe Acrobat reader, if not, download it for free at I hope you have success!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi… I love this! I was wondering how I could be sure that I printed it the right size… also, I’m a very inexperienced sewer, so I’m assuming that there is an extra half inch on every side for seams. Thankyou!

    • says

      So glad you like the pattern! I am speaking for Julia here, and she is free to chime in if I give the wrong advice…haha but I am pretty sure the pattern should print out the exact size you need. I would save it to your computer to be sure,a and make sure you are viewing it at 100% – but it shouldn’t be tricky. Notice in the separate instructions document (also linked above,) that she could not fit the whole pattern all on one page, so the instructions show how much to add onto it. I believe the pattern is already taking seem allowance into consideration. I hope that helps! I will have Julia verify this :)

    • says

      Sarah, you are absolutely correct. I used a 3/8 seam allowance. On your sewing maching it usually is the line with the 10. Just a little more than the edge of the sewing foot. 5/8 seam allowance is a lot for doll clothes. Let us know if you have any other questions. Another tip is making sure you press after each seam you sew. You’ll get a much more professional look!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Ok thankyou… Also I am kind of confused as to why there are supposed to be two fronts for the top. Help please??

    • says

      Cutting 2 pieces for the front and sewing them together with the right sides facing in is just one way of making the neck look nice and clean. Be sure to follow the instructions Julia has included up at the top of the post. Once you have sewn the pieces together, turn them right side out and you will have a nice clean looking front to your PJ’s!

  4. says

    These patterns are fantastic! Thank you for the pictures! I made the top today for my daughter, after making pants from a different tutorial yesterday, and it was the first shirt I ever made, and thanks to your tutorial, I was able to do it! And it looks fabulous! I cut out the pieces for the shoes, but I can’t figure out what to do! Do you have a tutorial posted for those too or no? I saw in your post that you said you would later, not sure if I missed it though. I have searched all over the internet and there are no picture or video tutorials for the kind of pattern you used, and it would be a great service to all of us DIYer! Thank you so much for your blog, I just found you today, but I will be sticking around!
    Fellow homeschooler,

    • says

      I don’t think Julia mentions anywhere what size she used – I will have her add that in! In my opinion though, I don’t think it really matters, just be sure to turn the waist over to create an opening wide enough to hold whatever you have on hand. Anything under 1/2″ wide would probably work best! Maybe 1/4″ or 1/3″ Hope that helps! :)

  5. Anonymous says

    I am a very beginner at sewing and thought this looked simple enough to tackle…however I am so confused with the 2 pieces of front and when I sew them together it doesn’t look right and I can’t figure out how the back pieces go…UGH I am sure it is really simple but I am just not getting it…can it be done without the 2 fronts? thanks for any help, I was using the instructions and visual but still not getting it.

    • says

      I am so sorry to hear you are having difficulties :( Keep at it, I am confident you will figure it out with practice!! Julia and I may work on tackling some beginning sewing skills videos. I would tell you to check YouTube, but when I went looking, I found them very hard to find! If you find the two front pieces too hard to master, you could go without the second, you will just have to finish off the neck somehow… turning it over and sewing which can be challenging to get it to look right unless you have a special foot for your machine. The instructions do call for you to do this to the back, it is just slightly more challenging in the front. Just experiment using some scrap material :) I hope it just “clicks” for you! I will ask Julia if she has any better advice!!

    • says

      Anonymous, sew the shoulder seams and press the seams. So, you are sewing one front and the backs together. Then you put the right sides together of the two fronts. Meaning if you lay what you just sewed on a flat surface with the brightest side of the material up, or the side that is going to show. Take the second front that you have and lay the side that is going to show on top of it. Lining the neckline up. Now, you should be looking at the wrong side of the front fabric (that will be on the inside eventually), and you are looking at the right sides of the back fabric. This is the second picture.

      Then you sew the neckline together. Press that seam. Then press that seam open. You are going to then “stitch in the ditch”. This is the third picture. You press it open and sew the seam you just created to one side. If you don’t get this, just fold the second front (lining) in place and press the neckline.

      After you’ve done that, sew the sides of the lining (or the second front that you folded over) in the same seam when you sew the side seams. 1 layer of the back with two layers of the front. This will create a nice look on the inside of your PJ’s, too.

      Please let me know if you need anymore help!!

  6. says

    How long is the elastic for the pants? I’m almost done making them to go with the doll my daughter is getting tomorrow for her birthday (therefore, I don’t have the doll to measure) thanks!

    • says

      I just measured and the American Girl Doll’s waist is aprox. 12″ around. Therefor, I would cut the elastic to be a several inches shorter – aprox. 8″ or so (depending on the type of elastic you are using). Hope that helps!

  7. Anonymous says

    Do you have word instruction? I’m trying to make this for my best friend in two weeks, also making the sleeping bag (i’m good on that though). :)

  8. says

    You do not add extra except to the PJ Bottoms or Pants. The reason being is our printer paper is too small to hold the entire leg. So follow the instructions on the Pattern you are cutting out to know how much to add. I do use a 3/8 seam allowance for all seams. Does that answer your question?

    • Anonymous says

      So the 3/8 in seam allowance is figured into the pieces. I don’t have to cut 3/8 in. around pieces for seams. Just want to be sure. I do understand about adding to PJ bottoms or pants. Thanks for very nice pattern. My granddaughter will be thrilled.

  9. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the free AG patterns! I am making my daughter a wardrobe for her Bitty Twins dolls with scrap fabric I have from other sewing projects. I have a question about the pajama shirt back. How is it supposed to close? I am not quite following from the pictures. I can put in buttons, but wasn’t quite sure if that was what was intended.

    • Sarah Lemp says

      I believe when Julia originally made the pattern she intended to close the back with Velcro! You could really use whatever you want, but most American Girl clothes, when you buy them from the company come with Velcro because it is easier for kids. You could use a small piece on top or use a strip across the whole opening. I hope that helps! Have fun! :)

      • Jennifer says

        Thanks!! I had downloaded the old version of the pattern a while ago and misplaced the directions someho. Then, when I got the new version of the pattern, I saw the Velcro.

  10. Beth says

    Do you have a video on how to put the pattern together. It has been a long time since I did one for doll clothes. The pictures are not enough help foyer me.

    B.G. In N.Y

  11. dede says

    I have been working on this pattern tonight but I am having a hard time understanding how to do the sleeves. I have never sewn any items with sleeves and I am finding this very difficult. Could you please help. Thank you.

  12. Fran says

    I did not follow the pant directions exactly as given. I taped the two pieces of Part A together and the two pieces of Part B together and then I taped Part A and Part B together at what would be the side seam. I then cut out two of the larger pieces. I stitched the front crotch together and the back crotch together and then I stitched the inseam together and I did not have a side seam. Also, I cut everything out with pinking shears so the fabric would not ravel. I am going to make the shirt later today.

  13. Patsy Birdwell says

    Dear Julia and Sarah, I realize this is an older area for comments, and am just hoping you get it. I am a retired teacher living on a fixed income and have a six year old granddaughter. She knows her mam sews, so when she got her AG doll for Christmas she couldn’t wait to show me (Mam, grandmother) and said, “Mommy says the clothes for my new doll are really expensive so we will have to get an outfit as we can.” I remember as a child carrying a much loved but dirty doll, because of no clothes. Thank the stars above I have scraps from years of sewing and your free patterns, It will only take time and thread now to make my grandchild happy. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Patsy Birdwell

  14. Melodie says

    I can’t get the pattern. I subscribed and got the password. I submitted the password and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    • Sarah Lemp says

      Hmm, I am sorry it is giving you issues. We are definitely in the beginning stages of this and are finding a few bugs. Just remember the password is case sensitive. You should enter it and it will automatically open the main printables menu…

  15. Regina says

    When you lay the two fronts together and sew the neckline, do you also sew the shower seams down. When do you sew the shower seams. Confused. Need words with pictures.

  16. Lila Hepler says

    I am trying to get some of the free to download 18″ doll patterns that has gone to archives, but it just say log on and I am already logged on. How do I accomplish this? thank you

  17. Chris says

    I have signed up to get the pajama pattern, but I haven’t gotten an email with a password. I have tried 2 days in a row with no success. Help!

    • Chris says

      Thanks so much for helping get into the archives successfully! My niece’s daughter requested pajamas for her doll and these are going to be the ones..Thank you.

      • Chris says

        I just finished the pajama top and it seems that the under arm of the sleeves is a little bulky and tight.
        Is there something I can do to loosen it? I guess the 3 layers of fabric is the reason, but since the seem is so small I can’t cut any slits in the seam allowance to ease it a bit. Also, what is the length of the finished top? I am making this as a gift and I don’t have a doll to try on my creation.

        Thanks for your help.

        • Sarah Lemp says

          Hi Chris! What type of fabric did you use? I’m wondering if that played a part in it feeling bulky? As long as you followed all the printing instructions and measured the square to make sure it measures 1 inch, the top should fit fine! Though I know it does seem tricky when you don’t have the doll to try it on…

          • Chris says

            The flannel may be on the thicker side. Next time I will check and compare the weight.
            Finished the pants today. Can’t wait to try another one of your patterns.

            Have a great day!


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