Adorable Little Girl Apron

Here’s a pattern for an adorable girls apron. Create a matching one for her 18″ doll too! The apron pictured on the left was made for a Christmas gift and turned out beautifully. I added a string of “pearls” to each apron for fun. You can purchase strands of inexpensive beads like these at any craft store. They can be cut and sewn onto your fabric just as I have done. Get creative with other embellishments, there are so many possibilities! I’ve included pictures to help you along the way. The PDF pattern and instructions are located at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I’d love to help!

For the tutorial below, I was using scrap material, so I cut mine from two fabrics. You could use the same fabric, or change it up like I did.
When I sew I like to have a lining, so I cut two.  I sewed right sides together, but don’t forget to add your ties and neck strap before you sew them together.
I pinned the ties and straps in place in the center of the apron, so when I was sewing they wouldn’t inadvertently get caught in the seam.

I also pinned and the neck strap the same way.
Next pin the right sides together leaving a section between the neckties open, so you can turn it right side out.
If you would like a ruffle, take a 4 in piece of fabric and turn the edge under. Gather the top and pin it in side just like the ties.
Turn it right sides out.
This is what that will look like. Press. 
Then sew a top stitch over the part that you left open to turn your apron.
If you don’t want to have a lining, a faster way with less fabric. Turn the edge under and then add your straps and ties.


   Cut two apron ties 22 inches by 2 inches
   Cut one necktie 18 inches by 2 inches
Optional Ruffle:
   Moderately full – 41 inches by 5 inches
   Full – 55 inches by 5 inches
   Tape the four pattern pieces together and cut
   One or two for a reversible apron

Have fun! ~Julia


  1. 1

    I would like to know if this pattern includes the Doll pattern.
    It says Little Girl Apron?
    Thanks Bev in Ohio

    • 2

      Hi Bev! Sorry, this is an oversight as we have been meaning to post the actual pattern for the doll apron! You could try and scale down the girl’s apron to a size that would fit a doll. In the mean time, we will work on getting an actual doll pattern up! :)

  2. 3

    You saved me and I can never repay you. I can Pintrest you and drive your traffic, but that’s not enough. If you ever want some hand dyed yarn for socks, let me know. Seriously.

    My neighbor cannot sew. She asked me a month ago to make her daughter a doll dress for a doll to be auctioned off. I have four special needs boys and a wedding I sang in. I forgot. I FORGOT AND IT’S DUE THIS WEEKEND AND IT’S THURSDAY! I just moved and EVERYTHING is in storage. Makeup included, sewing machine too. I was able to fix the doll’s hair, and am making her a pretty Sari, but had no idea what to do about underpinnings, and the Choli, or top. I’ve been able to draw one out because of you, with the correct fit, and have it cut and can hand sew it. I detest hand sewing, but I will have a pretty doll to place for auction. My friend’s daughter is making the jewelry and picked out the fabric. I love spending time with this little girl. No boys allowed. LOL!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!

    If anyone wants to know how to wrap a sari on an American Girl style doll, I’ll have a vid link through my site later today. Thursday, July 18, 2013. Thank you again.

    Nancy Liedel

  3. 4

    Just wondering what size seams you’re using on all your patterns. If I assume a standard 5/8″ seam, it might make a big difference in the fit on such a small item. Help! Thanks.

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