Princess Leia Costume Inspiration

My son is obsessed with Star Wars right now, and being a little bit of a Star Wars nerd myself, I am ok with that. I am also really glad my daughter was ok with the idea of doing a whole Star Wars theme for Halloween! A tiny Luke Skywalker is even cuter when accompanied by Princess Leia (oh and don’t forget baby sister dressed as an ewok!)
Check out my other post about putting together a cheap, Luke Skywalker costume here
To see more of the adorable outfit pictured here, visit this site
Here is a collection of ideas to pull off an adorable little Leia, without breaking the bank or putting tons of work in. UPDATE: See my final product, HERE
Create Leia’s classic look using sock buns! Find out how, HERE

How to create hair donuts from socks

Pattern for an easy Leia dress



Cheap angle costume = No sew option!

I bought this angle costume a few weeks ago, at that time it was only $6. The reviews on it are correct, it is super cheap and paper thin, but it works for me! I didn’t have to sew or glue anything and you can’t buy fabric half the time that is this cheap. Lose the wings and halo, add a silver belt and put her hair in two sock buns on the sides. An old or recycled angle costume is the easiest way to go!

Another cute little costume idea

Another cute spin on the classic look. Use a white snow vest or coat and white shirt, boots and pants. Do hair in braids instead of buns.

How to make a Leia headband

Cute option for the little girl with short hair!

…And here’s how my costumes turned out!

See all the ideas and how to…HERE!

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