Kindergarten Shine Time Folder Game

NEW: Our Shine Time folder game is Free for a limited time!
We’re so excited to provide you with fun resources that supplement your child’s education. We have many projects in the works to cover materials for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. We hope to move on to higher grade levels once we have built up content in the K-2 range.
This particular game covers the concept of Finding Time to the Hour on a Clock which corresponds with Lessons 44 and 46 in Saxon Math K
Follow the link below to download for free:
These games are available in color or black and white. Print them off in color and you’re good to go – or have your child get in on the action by coloring the black and white pages. Keep checking back to see what we’ve added! Was this helpful to you? We’d love your input – please leave comments below!

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