watermelon salad

Watermelon Pasta Salad

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Summer salads! I originally got this recipe from my husband’s Grandmother, Oma. I’ve made a few changes of my own as her recipe originally called for a frozen limeade mix… what is that? I’ve made it without and it’s always good. It’s a refreshing, Summer salad that will […]

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There is So Much More

In this life I would stand through my joy and my pain. Knowing there’s a greater day. There's a hope that never fades. Where the wars and violence cease. All creation lives in peace. Let the songs … [Read More]

diy blue painted piano

How to Paint a Piano Like a Wild Woman

Never paint a piano yellow, “they” would probably say. Unless you are a wild woman. Painting a piano yellow means living life on the edge. It is dangerous. Rebellious. Probably something we shouldn’t … [Read More]

DIY Gold Leaf Heart

DIY Gold Leaf Heart (Contributor Post)

Hi guys! It's Bre from Brepurposed back for another great tutorial for you. I'm here to show you how to make this super cute Gold Leaf Heart Art! This was my first time using Gold Leaf and it … [Read More]


The Easiest DIY Elsa Dress {Ever!!}

If you have a daughter any older than 8, good luck finding a princess dress that costs less than $50 and is not made out of fabric so cheap it will be in rags after one night of trick-or-treating. … [Read More]

boys birthday

Boys Only Birthday Party Theme

Let me tell ya, I really struggle with birthday party themes. I'm not all that into throwing big, elaborate parties. I think there is way too much pressure put on mommas to be "pinterest" perfect. … [Read More...]

Wedding Ring Holder-16

Wedding Ring Box (contributor post)

Hello Friends! This is Bree from bumblebreeblog.  I am so excited to be here today and share with you my wedding ring box.  I spent last weekend at my best friends wedding.  During the wonderful … [Read More...]